Jilly’s Story

I’m Jillian, founder of Jilly’s Nutty Snacks. For years I was living a nutty life, working a nutty job and being a nutty wife. It wasn't until I became a nutty mom that I found my passion for real food with real ingredients. I constantly struggled to find protein rich snacks for our family’s on-the-go lifestyle. I always felt like most so called “clean” or “healthy” snack products (especially kid’s snacks) were filled with additives and unpronounceable ingredients. The snacks that did have “clean” ingredients were just not tasty. I quickly found my passion for creating grain-free, dairy-free alternatives that my junk food loving husband and young kids would like. My nutty snacks became a hit inside and outside my house! I started making my nutty snacks for friends and family and for years people kept telling me to sell them. It wasn’t until I finally quit my nutty job that Jilly’s Nutty Snacks was born. My all-natural snacks are nut-based, grain-free, and full of flavor. Because they are lightly sweetened with Organic Blue Agave, Maple Syrup and dried fruit, they are lower in sugar than most snacks and rich in nutrients. They are a delicious on-the go-snack for both kids and adults. Take ‘em with you for a pre or post workout snack, or enjoy them at home. I’m sure if you try my snacks you’ll go nutty for them!